How to Win At Instagram 2018

So here is the thing, I have seen a lot of people claiming to be expert in Instagram and spreading old hacks that used to work in 2017. The algorithm has changed and it’s time to unlearn and relearn how to use Instagram.

Here is a list of things you need to keep in mind and do while posting on Instagram.

  1. Engagement Pods: Leave your engagement pods immediately. Instagram can identify if the comments and likes you are receiving are from a pod or not. Reply to all the comments within an hour and your post will stay on top of everyone’s feed.
  2. Stories: Add to your stories always and often. Stories are the best way to get in touch with those who can’t view your post.
  3. Captions: Don’t edit your caption once you have posted a post. Wait for 24 hours before you edit it.
  4. Location: Add location to all your stories and posts. This would help you get more visibility.
  5. Hashtags: Don’t put your hashtags in your comments. Put in in your post itself. Use three types of hashtags: High following, medium following, and Low following. The low one helps you get visibility in a particular area, connect with followers that matter. The medium one helps you generate interest and helps you connect with a newer audience, and finally, the High one helps you come to the explore section. Don’t use 30 hashtags in your post. Use just a mix of 7–8 good ones. Also, follow your own hashtags and interact with people more.

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