Most Active Startup Groups on Facebook

Facebook Groups are currently the way to connect and network online with people of the same mindset. Facebook Groups helps you address your doubts and learn from people who have been there and done that. Here are some of the best groups to join to learn, understand and connect with the startup world!

Bangalore Startups Connect

One of the most active groups on Facebook for startups. With 60,000 members this group is always buzzing with lively discussions and mentorship. Almost all the bigwigs of the startup world are in this community. Started by some of the best community builders of our time, this group will never fail to surprise you.

Quite a motto!

The best place to land a job or an internship would be this group, that’s why you see a lot of buzz around the same as well.


Next on the list would be this little piece of gem. A highly moderated group started by Shubham Kumar, it’s 104,682 members engage in a lot of discussions propagated by the moderators. Shubham is the only admin to this group but he is supported by a bunch of moderators he calls his “Squad” who help him keep the group clear of spam and irrelevant content.
They also maintain a website by the same name, where startups can get featured. Shoot a mail to [email protected] if you want to get featured over there.

Admins of StartupTalky group.

Startup Delhi

If you thought everything related to startups revolved around Bangalore, you are wrong. This group is handled by one of the community heads I have seen, Abhishek Kumar Gupta, is the best place to connect for any entrepreneur from Delhi or North India. There is a post on this group every 2 mins and someone or the other will reply to it in minutes. Abhishek apart from moderating the group also posts valuable insights and news article on the group which then starts a discussion, I have in fact seen these discussions become business associations or job offers for people.

Startup Delhi

Their tagline: Let’s make a dent in the universe is definitely true for them. This group is 51,000 members big and each of them have been added by Abhishek himself.


Pushstart is a community where entrepreneurs share and discover new startups and startup ideas. Still in its nascent stage, but this group one of the most active groups around. This group is perfect for early-stage entrepreneurs who are looking out for idea validation and funding. This group consists of people who are successful entrepreneurs who try to help the new entrants into this startup world and people who are just starting their business, a combination of young blood and veterans make this group up!

There are close to 7,000 people in this group and the admin is one of the most jovial persons I have met. Neeraj does an amazing job in getting the discussions going and introducing start-ups to others in the group and help them validate their ideas.

Notable Mentions

Startup Angel


Do you think I have missed out on some groups? Please do let me know! Will add them here. This is a self-curated list. You can always introduce me to newer groups!

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